What We Do

At Northside, we put most of our energy into two things: (1) Jesus-Centered Worship Services and (2) Mission-Focused Community Groups.

Worship Services: Meet every Sunday morning at 10am, in Lynnwood. (click here for directions).

No matter where you’re at, you need Jesus. Whether you’re agnostic or you’ve been a disciple of Jesus for over 40 years. When Jesus is revealed from His Word (the Bible), worshiped in heartfelt song and prayed to for help and encouragement, God will move in your life in incredible ways as you respond to what He’s done through His Son Jesus Christ.

Our worship services exist to reveal Jesus to everyone who comes from the smallest infant to the tallest adult.

Community Groups: Meet at various times and locations, usually in our living rooms, at a park or coffee shop. Contact us to get information about a group that meets near you. info@northside-church.com.

Different groups have different rhythms, but every group at Northside will spend time praying for one another’s needs and burdens, just hanging out getting to know each other and studying the Bible to see Jesus more clearly. Our groups also enjoy having a good time eating out or eating in, playing different sports or games and doing all sorts of activities with whoever is up for a fun time.

Our community groups exist to pursue Christ and live on mission for Him with one another.


Jesus and His Mission, Doctrinal Statement