Bill Smith

Bill Smith, Elder

Tell us your thoughts on being an elder at Northside…

“My wife, Melissa, along with our three children helped plant NS over 5 years ago.  It has, of course, brought challenges, but with them – many more blessings.   It is a great joy to be counted members of NS and a true privilege to be a part of the leadership team.”

Tell us about your family:

“Melissa and I have been married 30+ years and have three adult children.”

What is your favorite book?

“There is seldom a day that I crack my Bible open and I’m not taken back by with what God reveals.  When traveling I like to read historical, non-fiction books.”

What is your favorite movie?

“How can you ask this?  Top ten?”

Your favorite app?

“I’ve been a Mac man since 1987… and good chance I’ve convinced more people to buy them than have most living, mac store sales persons…”

What’s a favorite childhood memory?

“Summers in Las Vegas with my grandparents.”

What is your favorite hobby/sport?

Mountain and road biking